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Project Idea – Dactype

This is an idea that I had a while ago, but I did not quite like the concept well enough at the time. Now I think it might be brilliant if done correctly.

Maybe it has already been done. Please let me know if you have seen something like this.


Divide And Conquer Typing

Typing is tiresome when you have to click arrow keys to reach a letter. It might be a lot cooler with chunks of 9 options, arranged in hierarchies.

Within one chunk you can select an option using the direction control. An option can contain another level of options. At any level you can type the currently selected option using dedicated keys for the lowercase or uppercase variant. Such an event might traverse through underlying options until a leaf is reached.

Instead of typing, you can also enter the next level or leave the current one by pressing the L1 or R1 buttons while you hover over an option.

The top level could be a menu level, with options as seen below:

Characters #2    Emoticons    Syllables #2

Characters #1    Words #1      Syllables #1

Sentences #1    Words #2     Sentences #2

The Characters #1 option could look like this (I hope the format is somewhat acceptable):

1  2  3       0  +  –        < >  \

4  5  6       % *   /        [  ]   !

7  8  9       (    )  =       {  }   –


Q W E      R T Z        U I O

A S D       F G H        J K L

Y X C      V B N        M P  .


$  .  ,       ”  ‘   ^         _ ß Ä

–  ~ #       °  §  /         Ö Ü é

!  & ?       ;   :  \         €  ´  `

This way, many options could be reached with with few clicks. The top level could be even more high-level and allow the user to enter other options like

  • a history of recently typed sentences
  • autocomplete suggestions that are dynamically managed at runtime
  • mail addresses of the contacts
  • URLs from a browser history


I will evaluate what implementing this mechanism and turning it into a game for the Mobile VR Challenge would mean. It would be a challenging project as far as the deadline is concerned. There are two other things that would be cool, but they are probably equally as complex.

The biggest worry I have is that it is an okay concept in principle, but once realized it turns out that it is too challenging to develop the actuall skill because it is a little too challenging for the brain. I guess I need to see a prototype to figure that out, though.

The magic probably would not come from reaching letters fast, it would come from having syllables, words and sentences prepared and easily accessible.