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First Impressions – Part 2

During the week I managed to spend some more time with the Gear VR.


Gear VR Development

I also set up a developer website at Ocuvelop.com where I can keep track of my findings during research phases, manage my projects and write articles that might help other developers at some point. It seems as if Oculus is not betting on many developers showing up that will actually use the native development tools. Probably I will mostly be writing for myself, there … but that is fine. I need both a Blog and Wiki for my Scrum based development workflows,

I also watched the whole keynote “The Dawn Of Mobile VR” now, and there were a few small details that I thought were interesting. Especially the controller topic is a huge one. Even Carmack says he is glad that he is not in charge in that department. My personal strategy will be developing for the good old Gamepad for a while.


Software Updates

The Gear VR software has been updated. The library has gotten a lot cooler, but now two taps are required (taps … I keep thinking “clicks”) to actually start a program.

I tried some games now and they are … well … okay. The potential is obvious, but they did not blow me away yet.

I have yet to actually use a Gamepad, so I have not tried HeroBound. I did check the shop description of “HeroBound: First Steps”, though and was pleasantly surprised when the Shop Background changed and looked undescribably stunning.

Oculus chose a pretty boring and weird looking default home background, though. I hope they will use a different one soon or let us pick one (actually I should check if that is already possible somehow).



For me personally, something about Rocket Toss makes it a not 100% comfortable experience. I did play it for quite a while without actually having to stop playing it, so it is not a serious problem. ( I personally hate that the rockets fly if you miss with your last ring – it is confusing. The rocket should fall into the hole instead 🙂 ).

Interestingly I tried some of the videos and the 360° storytelling program. Watching the photos can be weird and slightly unpleasant for certain indoor perspectives. I was surprised by how much my brain responded to a part of a video (Walking The Nile) where “the viewer walks” downhill. That got unpleasant for a few seconds, but again not in an alarming way.


SD Card

Finally I also had a chance to check out the content on the SD Card. I love how well the stereoscopic effect of the Patrick Watson video and the Cirque Du Soleil demonstrations works. Oculus is really good at choosing the right content (with the exception mentioned above).

There are also quite a few more photos and videos. The Pacific Rim one looks great, but there I really miss some kind of force feedback device. I can not wait for technology that will allow the average person to capture 360° content.

Still, my favorite is the cinema. I keep rewatching the 3D trailers. The multi screen feature is intriguing. I just cannot get over how cool the cinema is.