Mockups and Concepts

Raid Aces

A Moba game with game mechanics for casual gamers.



An open source / creative commons ‘verse that consists of shared intellectual property and has the appeal of an entertainment franchise without the usual limits when it comes to monetizing a project.



Making texts playable: a step towards virtual intelligence interaction.


Fan of all Seven

I ordered Lumi Inkodye sets and want to create illustrations for a “Fan of all Seven” shirt.

If this sounds familiar, you have probably seen Serenity by Joss Whedon and know that the sentence refers to the seven deadly sins.

Kudos if you knew that already 🙂


SpriteScapes 3Ditor

A gamepad controlled voxel editor for VR headsets. Features I would love to add:

  • Animations
  • Export to APNG, possibly optimized for the Pebble
  • A Cloud Server with artist gallery support and developer APIs for 3rd party applications
  • 3D Tilesets

The editor should be great as a tool to create art that can be exported as 2D pictures, but also as a Voxel game asset editor.

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