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Oculus Mobile VR Jam – Status

I have to throw in the towel after Milestone 1.

My Note 4 has not arrived yet, meaning the next chance to pick it up at my parents’ place is Friday (1st of May). At first it seemed not that important to have a Note 4 in time. The challenge post said that the Note 4 is only needed to make sure the entry runs on the device.

Now it seems as if you cannot develop the application (at least on the native development path) without one.

That might be wrong and I should probably ask on the forums, but time is really an issue. Following the instructions in the Mobile SDK documentation (without quite understanding them) did not magically work out for me.

That does not surprise me, but my experience tells me that it will take weeks to figure out what the problem is. With only two to three hours available each day I need to give up now.

The new plan is solving the problems and working on the projects from May 18 through May 25 (finally on vacation).


The projects that I have submitted for Milestone 1:

– Dactype (Divide And Conquer Typing – with gamepad)

– SpriteScapes 3Ditor (Voxel Editor – with Divide And Conquer menu navigation)

Mobile VR Jam Challenge ac…knowledged

SpriteScape 3Ditor

The Mobile VR Jam by Oculus … I so want to accept the challenge. I decided to commit a few days ago. I bought the Gear VR even though it is hard to justify the expense. Soon I will order the Note 4.

The trick is thinking about it as an investment … fortunately men are great at that kind of self-deception :-).

The only problem: the timeframe. I can hardly see myself finishing something in the given timeframe. My spare time is severely limited and I will be just starting out with the SDK. Mentally I have already given up on actually submitting a simple and crude version of a SpriteScapes 3Ditor in the Tools and Experiences bracket:

A gamepad controlled voxel editor for the Gear VR.

Well, at least I have almost given up. If using the SDK turns out to be simpler than anything I have seen before, then I might get something worthwhile done in time.

What I am sure of is that Virtual Reality will be an interest that sticks and that I will invest time in.

Even if this challenge is not the one thing that brings me riches and glory, it is and will always be the one thing that sparked the creation of this Blog and made me second guess the thought that I do not want to join any gold rush ever.

This is going to be a cool gold rush.