Awesome Update – Samsung Internet Browser

I love the “new” modes that the “Samsung Internet Beta” Browser supports. For a while I wondered why images did not seem to be supported. I read the release information again and looked into what HTML 5 fullscreen mode is all about.

I think it is unfortunate that this needs to be implemented on the website. For the Gear VR version there should be a mechanism that allows users to view any image in fullscreen mode. Maybe Samsung would love to implement that but for some reason that would violate important HTML related specifications!? From a usability standpoint I see no big challenges except for establishing expectations that users would have to unlearn if other features ever interfere with such an option. As I see it the pros far outweigh the cons.

At least now I can experiment with Digital Panorama Art. This might be a fun project that I can do without turning my VR ambitions into a fulltime job.

Of course I already have ideas that would turn this into a business, like a perspective grid creator software for 3D Panorama Art. I guess for now this is a lonely niche, but at some point people will probably start browsing galleries of digital panorama paintings.

Another thing that I want to try is creating mockups of the app ideas that I will never get to tackle, unless something huge happens (financially speaking).

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