Monthly Archive: April 2016

I want to see Art in Virtual Reality

The obvious way is using 3D software and the results can be great, but more often than not they are not stellar. I would love to see great 2D artists apply their skills and draw, design and paint for VR. I created a Challenge at VR Illustration – Web Development Toolkit …

… but at the same time I am working on figuring this out myself – with HTML5 / JS and Bootstrap. I plan to look into Blender workflows that can create the kind of grid that I have in mind. I hope a few people will get inspired once the first convincing proofs of concept exist.

Personally I find the vision thrilling: Memes at (like a 360 degree original character one), artists at Patreon painting for VR, collaborations, maybe social platforms for hand drawn art and 180 degree animated loops would rock my world.

In the case of comics I am pretty sure that this will be a thing in the very near future, but in the case of the less mainstream opportunities I fear that they might be missed. Please everybody, remind me to not let that happen 🙂

Awesome Update – Samsung Internet Browser

I love the “new” modes that the “Samsung Internet Beta” Browser supports. For a while I wondered why images did not seem to be supported. I read the release information again and looked into what HTML 5 fullscreen mode is all about.

I think it is unfortunate that this needs to be implemented on the website. For the Gear VR version there should be a mechanism that allows users to view any image in fullscreen mode. Maybe Samsung would love to implement that but for some reason that would violate important HTML related specifications!? From a usability standpoint I see no big challenges except for establishing expectations that users would have to unlearn if other features ever interfere with such an option. As I see it the pros far outweigh the cons.

At least now I can experiment with Digital Panorama Art. This might be a fun project that I can do without turning my VR ambitions into a fulltime job.

Of course I already have ideas that would turn this into a business, like a perspective grid creator software for 3D Panorama Art. I guess for now this is a lonely niche, but at some point people will probably start browsing galleries of digital panorama paintings.

Another thing that I want to try is creating mockups of the app ideas that I will never get to tackle, unless something huge happens (financially speaking).