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Horrible Oculus Rift PR

The Rift Pre-Order announcement made quite a few people very unhappy.

I already suspected that people were too optimistic regarding the price. Oculus said $1500 will be the all in price. Oculus Ready PCs will cost roughly $1000. Zuckerberg pointed out that Break-Even is an option which already sounded as if the Rift would not be subsidised.

I expected the price to be around €550 … $599 did not really surprise me, but the whole communication from Oculus was extremely bad PR work. A few remarks in the Tweets to indicate that $1500 as the all-in price would be the absolute minimum would have been the way to go.

But 699€ ($750) before shipping costs is insane without a warning for international backers (in my case Germany). Kickstarter campaigns do a lot of international shipping and none charge that much ($599 are 550€. You need to add $160 or 149€ to get to the 699€ price).

As far as I know there will be AMA at Reddit today. I would not be surprised if the price turns out to come up over and over again in some form. Oculus more than deserves the outcry on Twitter and the launch probably messed with their image quite a bit.

I personally would have ordered the Rift, but the shop is broken. I could order one … for 69900€. I have seen more people who seem to have the same problem. Is anybody working on that bug?


Expecting a confirmation / summary after submitting the form I went further in the order process and the price with shipping was actually shown as around 750€. I went for it. I guess I will get mine in May. Not sure when I will have the money to buy the PC.

Update #2:

Okay, that makes sense. Well played, then … just not very fan friendly:

Oculus’ pricing ‘misstep’ was a clever marketing ploy