End Of 2015 – Status

Still love my Gear VR and Note4. The biggest news is the Netflix app. I have watched the whole series Breaking Bad using the app and am happy with the performance and stability. I updated the VR Top 10 page and gave Netflix the 2nd place. Being able to watch Netflix in the cinemas would be totally awesome, but I bet Oculus knows that and it just cannot be done.

Then again, I personally hate many of the interface changes they made to apps like Oculus Video and Oculus 360° Pictures. I used to love the clean interfaces, now I see them as a nuisance. In Oculus 360° Pictures I really struggle now. I cannot find many of my favorite pictures in the weird categories. I would not have to, if the app stored them properly, but they get lost with every other update.

I hope the Gear VR gets some more love now that it officially hits the market. I fear the old Cinema interface is gone for good, though. Well, I will have to take the good with the bad.

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