Strange Contest Results

The Mobile VR Contest has ended and the winners of the Render the Metaverse contest have been announced as well.

Mobile VR Contest: The results are a little discouraging. A game like DRIFT did better than content that I actually enjoyed. The other winners might actually be great, but I could not get them to run.

Render The Metaverse: The images that I liked best did not do well here, either.

“Crazy Furniture Freeze”, “Dirty Cooper”, “SE7EN exhibition inside” and “Storytime” are my favorites (Storytime is my #1 by far). The Office and The Art Gallery are also pretty cool … and Mashup Between the Clouds deserves the 3rd place, but I think the others are pretty meh. I fear my taste might turn out to be a problem in the future.

Also, the way the proclaimed vision (providing a platform for billions) and the now obvious support for expensive proprietary solutions (OTOY) really make me want to switch my attention from Oculus to OSVR … and / or check out the Fove.


A quick status update: because the week off revealed more troubles than opportunities, I am looking for different approaches. The Mobile SDK 0.6.0 might be a blessing. I will take a closer look at the changes, but right now I am in panick mode in my day job.

I had to disable the survey link, because the plugin seems to be broken. I double checked the link that I entered in the backend, but the link does not actually point there: There is a support forum on the website of the plugin provider, but I signed up an can not actually log in.


Currently my guts tell me that should go for a really simple content creation project. I guess creating cinema models is more doable than actually starting with a native SDK application (it probably makes more sense to wait for the new IDE). I would love to be a trailblazer, but my day job does not leave enough room for that kind of project.

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