Monthly Archive: June 2015

Impressions – Unexpected S6 Exposure

Today I had a chance to take a quick look through the Gear VR lenses of the S6 edition.

The resolution of the device makes an incredible difference. What I saw were about 10 seconds of a video before I passed the device on to the next person. It did not occur to me that I should pay attention to the field of view … so unfortunately I did not.

There were obvious artifacts during the video playback which are hard to describe. I guess they looked like a seam that travels through the screen. I have seen a more extreme version of those in the Oculus 360 Photos app (with several such seams at once) a few times after the Lollipop update. Maybe it is a different problem altogether though. The video quality was dangerously awesome, so maybe it was simply a frame update problem.

I was blown away by the picture quality. What I found interesting was the opinion of a colleague who did not seem impressed and was mostly confused about the Gear VR concept … namely that it is not a stand-alone device.

I suppose the whole way the devices were demoed by Samsung was a bad approach. There was little information given if you did not ask questions. I think it is important to state explicitly that the Gear VR hardware should be seen as an accessory for people who buy the phone. The Samsung people said you have to buy the phone and the Gear VR separately. It is obvious how the Gear VR makes sense if you follow the developments, but it sounds scary if all the facts are news.

Then there were the usual people (like my superiors) who just had to be jerks and mock the Samsung guys by asking (in the most obnoxious way possible) if the device works with their iPhones.

Strange Contest Results

The Mobile VR Contest has ended and the winners of the Render the Metaverse contest have been announced as well.

Mobile VR Contest: The results are a little discouraging. A game like DRIFT did better than content that I actually enjoyed. The other winners might actually be great, but I could not get them to run.

Render The Metaverse: The images that I liked best did not do well here, either.

“Crazy Furniture Freeze”, “Dirty Cooper”, “SE7EN exhibition inside” and “Storytime” are my favorites (Storytime is my #1 by far). The Office and The Art Gallery are also pretty cool … and Mashup Between the Clouds deserves the 3rd place, but I think the others are pretty meh. I fear my taste might turn out to be a problem in the future.

Also, the way the proclaimed vision (providing a platform for billions) and the now obvious support for expensive proprietary solutions (OTOY) really make me want to switch my attention from Oculus to OSVR … and / or check out the Fove.


A quick status update: because the week off revealed more troubles than opportunities, I am looking for different approaches. The Mobile SDK 0.6.0 might be a blessing. I will take a closer look at the changes, but right now I am in panick mode in my day job.

I had to disable the survey link, because the plugin seems to be broken. I double checked the link that I entered in the backend, but the link does not actually point there: There is a support forum on the website of the plugin provider, but I signed up an can not actually log in.


Currently my guts tell me that should go for a really simple content creation project. I guess creating cinema models is more doable than actually starting with a native SDK application (it probably makes more sense to wait for the new IDE). I would love to be a trailblazer, but my day job does not leave enough room for that kind of project.